The Beginning.

A very good place to start.

Here is the matter of fact, no games, no false hopes or dreams truth:

I’m starting this blog for me and only me. I am starting this blog to scream my games, hopes, and dreams out into whatever internet void I’ve been given. You don’t have to read or listen or even click on any other post, but if you do, I hope you’ll find yourself there the way I’m trying to find myself here as well.

I hope your navigation on my page is the same as my journey through this writing process.

I don’t have a set theme. I will often change my viewpoints. One day I will talk about war and corrupt societies, other days I will cry about humanity, and on the days my heart is the most restless, I’ll post an unedited, fancy-free poem to try and share a small piece of who I happen to be on that particular day.

That’s what it’s like to be an early twenty-something who doesn’t really have any friends other than her dog and a few people she’s known since grammar school.

The fact of the matter is, reader, I’m simply trying to bring some sort of light into this world. Some sort of color. Purple, maybe. Some sort of solace to this weird, beautiful, dark life.

disclaimer: some things I post here will be edited, revamped versions of things I posted on


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