On Being a Girl

I’m nineteen years old and spend hours planning my wedding on Pinterest.

I listen to Ingrid Michaelson when I need to cry and Taylor Swift when I need to laugh in the car.

I like to wear dresses and heels and love when boys pay for stuff and walk up to the door when they pick me up.

And I love One Direction!!!

And that is all okay.

I hate that in today’s society we have to explain our actions by saying, “I’m not like other girls.”

Let me ask you this: What is so wrong with being like other girls? I mean it, really. We are all so strong and beautiful. We should be proud to be like our sisters and moms and daughters and aunts and best friends. It’s okay to be giggly and silly and laugh.

Just because you love pink frosting and makeup does not mean you are not strong, valid, and authentic. Do not let anybody, especially another girl, make you feel bad for being that way. You’re young. It’s okay to let yourself feel light and pretty. Let yourself have the courage to do so.


One thought on “On Being a Girl

  1. Directioner!!!! I love 1d too,Shake hands.and This is what i really like about your blogs,You are so honest with your writing.Hoping to see some mind blowing posts p.s=Making a small request to you,See my last post which dedicated to niall and tell me your thoughts about it.Tc


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